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The day was bright as England awakes from his slumber. He yawns and enters the comfort room. Doing his usual daily activities like cleaning his face, preparing his food(which ended up as a FAIL) and reading his preferred literature. However as he was reading through a story about love and romance, his face went red. And a shatter to his reading a pounding on the door was heard. "ENGLAND!ENGLAND!ENGLAND DUDE!COME ON I HAVE A BUNCH OF BURGERS HERE!TRY THEM!ITS BETTER THAN YOUR OLD BISCUITS!" A familiar voice mentioned. The Brit was annoyed easily as he replied in an angry tone, "DAMN IT AMERICA!THEY ARE CALLED CRUMPETS YOU FOOL!". The eager American banged and pounded the door to signal his impatience. The Brit stood up and went to unlock the gap between them. He saw the American's jacket full of food as he entered his home. "WHY THE BLOODY HELL YOU HAVE SO MANY? England asked. "That's the problem. They knew I was going to order a lot of burgers then they gave me all of their burgers as a promo! And I don't have anyone to share with..." England went into blushing again. But now it was harder than ever. "Why'd he go here then? He knows I don't like his food. He wants to share with me?" His mind told him, echoing. "England,England...ENGLAND!!!" The Brit regained his consciousness again. "Come on these burgers aren't gonna eat themselves ya know!". They sat on England's couch as he himself, the Brit, can't take a piece of the food. He blushed again and America noticed it this time. "Hey England, why're you blushing?" America interrogated. "W-W-H-AAT? I-I'M NOT BLUSHING!" The British argued. "England, here." America bit the burger and went closely to England. England was at the point of no return. England blushed before he took a deep breath and bit it. America was trying to say something. But England caught up with his muffled words.
"I heard that the Italian couples at Europe eat pasta of the same strand. And they end up kissing. Let's do this right here."
England terribly blushed at the American's approval. Bit by bit their lips went closer and closer. What was left now is a tiny little bit of the food. They just have to eat it up. England blushed. America was also blushing. As the two grew red, they thought someone has to do it. And by a split second, they ate it together and kissed each other. America was making England go down. While the Brit on the other side was blushing as hard as he can that all of his blood went to his face. They liked the taste of each other, making them satisfy themselves. Their lips went bruised as they released the tight lock of their tongues and lips. They stared at each other seductively. "Want to continue this to your room?" The Brit blushed and agreed.

~LEMON IS DANGEROUS TO HEALTH,Well not for those who are really used to it ;3~

The American carried the Brit to the room. They yearned for each others warmth. With a few stripping of clothes,(YEAH I'M NOT USED TO MAKIN' LEMON)they again stared at each other with lust. America asks his victim if he was ready. Of course, the Brit agreed. There members met each other and danced with their hot seeds. With every thrust the American gives, his captive's moans got louder and louder. America gently removes England's hair of his face. "I love you." The Brit replied with a hot locked kiss. "I love you too, you fool.”
England was in a trance as he had an orgasm. His eyesight became white and breathed heavily against his lover’s chest.  The American witnesses this, and stops. He lied down beside the Brit, panting hardly. England dazed, he fell asleep.
England awakes at the height of the sun, wondering why it was so cold. He got up and noticed…. “WHY AM I BLOODY NAKED?NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!”. He went again to the bed and saw America sleeping peacefully.

Ok, first time lemon. It hurts. I feel weird when I write lemon. That's why its short. Anyways, violent reactions will be accepted as suggestions for better writing. US or UK doesn't belong to me. Just the plot. Thanks for reading!
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BloodshotInk Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
Hiya, I think this belongs in the category Fan Art > Fan Fiction a category specifically designed for any literature that includes any pre existing characters or settings, universes etc. 
SeizuringPianist25 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry....I just felt so weird I forgot about that. ^^"
SeizuringPianist25 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
potatingpotato Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
OH GOD :iconnosebleedplz:
SeizuringPianist25 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I BLEEDED MYSELF. nosebleed Nosebleed The Monkey With the Nosebleed Nosebleed Emoticon supernosebleed emoticon 
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